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How entertainment brands such as Disney and Lego ensure campaign effectiveness


By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

March 25, 2024 | 6 min read

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As part of The Drum’s Entertainment Focus, we’re using insights from Kantar’s Marketplace, an automated market research platform, to show why campaigns from Disney, Lego and YouTube are grabbing viewers’ attention.

Family camping in the woods

Cinepolis ad by Teran TBWA / Kantar

The entertainment sector is a rich playground for brands looking to attract new viewers, subscribers, or customers, but it’s also a highly competitive space.

According to Kantar, for video-on-demand services like Disney+ and Netflix, planned cancellations are on the rise meaning that streaming channels need to work harder to keep subscribers.

Vera Sidlova, Kantar’s creative thought leadership director, says that the challenge for entertainment ads is to “feature the brand beyond the logo, to showcase what it stands for or how it connects to the title being promoted.”

Companies that are hitting sweet spots with viewers do so through the use of humor, celebrities, emotional power and the right soundtrack.

In-depth analysis from Kantar shows that entertainment ads have licence to lean into intrigue and tension more than those in other sectors, as long as they leave viewers with a clear sense of what the ad is for.

Ads from brands including YouTube, Disney and Lego scored highly with consumers in Kantar’s annual Creative Effectiveness Awards. Here, we dive into why.

Amazon ‘Hotel Transylvania’ by BLT

Poster ad for Amazon

Ad agency BLT’s striking print advertisement for Hotel Transylvania, which ran in Italy, has garnered praise for its innovative use of transformative design. The ad seamlessly intertwines the film’s narrative with the notable Amazon Prime Video branding, creating a cohesive visual.

Overall, Kantar has commended this ad as it delivers a message that resonates with audiences and strengthens brand associations.

According to Kantar, after a lull in Q3, Amazon Prime Video took the number one spot for a share of new paid video-on-demand subscriptions in the last quarter of 2023, bolstered by a successful holiday season for the wider Amazon Prime service.

Google ‘YouTube Premium’ by AKQA

This 15-second spot from YouTube Japan gives a clear understanding of the benefits of the platform’s premium services through the eyes of a group of young people on a plane.

According to Kantar’s team of experts, this was a winner because of its relatable humor and powerful female hero bringing the brand in to save the day.

YouTube has 2.5 billion monthly users and is one of the most used apps on the planet. The platform ranked in Kantar’s BrandZ Global Top 100 in 2022, with a global brand value of $86.2bn, having grown by 414% in five years.

Disneyland Paris ‘The Infinite Parade’ by BETC

Escapism in advertising is a theme that constantly proves to be popular and nowhere screams that more than Disneyland.

What this ad from BETC does well is look into the creative possibilities of the future. In the spot, viewers see all the various shows and spectacles on offer at the theme park suspended in time as a young child looks on in wonder.

Kantar’s creative team hails this as a dynamic example of experiential escapism through an immersive visual narrative, taking people through the multiverses of Disneyland in a stellar way.

Lego ‘Small Toy, Big Joy’ by The Lego Agency

Lightheartedness can go a long way in advertising, and the team at Kantar has picked out this short spot from Lego for doing just that.

It’s a simple ad that draws the viewer in with the infectious laugh of children interacting with a huge Lego screen in a playpark.

Through the use of humor and a dash of silliness, Lego is bringing fun into its campaign.

Lego ‘Girls Can Achieve Anything’ by The Lego Agency

This simple and fun Lego ad also carries a profound message about the gender neutrality of toys, especially aimed at young children.

The ad, which ran in Poland, focuses on a young girl dressed like a princess who wants to play with a Lego sword and take on a roaring tiger.

It’s part of the brand’s ‘Build the World’ campaign and authentically connects Lego to a bigger issue through products by showcasing a young girl embracing adventure and defying traditional gender roles.

Cinepolis ‘Sure is a Great Plan’ by Teran TBWA

Ad for a cinema chain

Escapism is a powerful tool in advertising, leveraging the desire to break away from the mundane realities of everyday life and be immersed in new worlds.

This print ad from Cinepolis, which is a chain of Mexican cinemas, has been handpicked by Kantar’s team of experts for its ‘other-worldliness’ approach.

In the image, viewers see a family camping in the woods when a huge bear interrupts their wholesome evening.

There’s also an element of humor to the ad which helps to convey the brand message in a lighthearted way.

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