By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

March 22, 2024 | 3 min read

The powerful spot brings to life all the ways that a person loses parts of themselves to the disease in a poignant way. Here’s why it’s our Ad of the Day.

A new ad for Alzheimer’s Society is addressing the profound impact of the disease not only on patients but also on their loved ones. Taking a different approach, ‘The Long Goodbye’ from New Commercial Arts illustrates how each diagnosis marks a gradual loss of crucial aspects of life and personality.

The short film does a brilliant job of bringing to life the realities of dementia and offers insight into the disease over a prolonged period.

Through its use of emotional storytelling, the ad heartbreakingly captivates the viewer. The casting of Colin Firth as narrator gives the spot a familiar feeling that also helps connect with audiences.

The visuals from the Bafta-nominated director Charlotte Rega are beautifully shot, mixed with emotive inserts of nostalgic footage from years gone by.

Its brutal tagline at the closing scene is unforgettable: “With dementia, you don’t just die once. You die again and again and again.”


Alzheimer’s Society

Director of income and engagement: Alex Hyde-Smith

Associate director of strategic marketing: Tom Brown

Head of brand and marketing: Nick Wright

Senior marketing manager: Victoria Evans

Senior marketing executive: Laura Parsons

Senior armketing executive: Ellie Jerman

New Commercial Arts

Founder, CEO: James Murphy

Founder, strategy: David Golding

Founder, chief creative officer: Ian Heartfield

Creative team: Jules Middleton & Peigh Asante

Business director: Miriam Goode

Senior account manager: Toby Moynan

Account manager: Zahra Banday

Agency producer: Georgia Dickinson

Production company: Knucklehead

Director: Charlotte Regan

Director of photography: Christopher Sabogal

Producer: Francis Mildmay-White

Editing company: TenThree

Editor: Owen O’Sullivan

Post-production: Selected Works/Time Based Arts

Grade: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts

Online: Selects Works

Producer: Dan Crozier @ Selected Works

Audio post-production: King Lear

Sound engineer: Jack Sedgewick

Music composer: Patrick Jonsson

Music supervision: Bruce New @ Air Edel

Media agency: Medialab

Integration director: Nick Parker

Client managing director: Charles Batchelor

Head of planning: Jess Talbot

Director of Advanced TV: Jon Manning

Business director: George Gwilliam

Senior account manager: Amy Bevis

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