By Richard Draycott, Associate Editor

March 14, 2024 | 2 min read

‘The Juice That Starts It All’ is the work of creative agency Cramer-Krasselt.

Orange juice brand Tropicana has launched a new ad campaign to remind all OJ drinkers just what a joyous experience drinking OJ is and how awful life would be without it.

‘The Juice That Starts It All’ cheekily explores its role in every other aspect of the ‘normal’ day and while it doesn’t take the credit for inventing mimosas, brunch, fridge chugs and the joy of Saturday mornings, it does recognize that these things would be rubbish without Tropicana’s OJ alongside.

“Tropicana’s legacy in American mornings is clear,” said James Spalding, vice-president and general manager of Tropicana at Tropicana Brands Group. “With ‘The Juice That Starts It All,’ we’re going one step further to demonstrate how Tropicana continues its commitment to delivering fresh-tasting orange juice, not only putting quality OJ in the hands of consumers but also jump-starting the many other joyous moments that are made possible through Tropicana Pure Premium.”

The new campaign was created by Tropicana’s creative agency, Cramer-Krasselt, and production company, JOJX, and is running across broadcast, streaming and social channels.

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