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Where to spend and where to save: balancing travel costs

March 1, 2024 | 7 min read

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In an era where everything costs more, slashing expenses across the board may seem like the obvious answer — but there are good reasons for companies to think twice before slashing business travel.

3 ways to save on business travel and 3 places to spend

3 ways to save on business travel and 3 places to spend

Whether getting a ride to the office, visiting a client, or attending an event, employees across the marketing industry still need (and want) to travel for work. And business travel offers undeniable benefits, such as growth and networking opportunities and valuable face-to-face interactions with clients and colleagues.

But there are also downsides to business travel, including heightened stress, disrupted routines, and other personal challenges. From travel-comfort measures to wellness programs, organizations are looking for ways to take care of their people, both on the road and at home.

While there are many ways for companies to cut travel costs, that’s not always the best route to take. The trick is finding the balance between budget and experience. Where can you shave down expenses without making travel uncomfortable? Where is it really worth it to spend (and even splurge) a little? Those are the questions Uber for Business tackled in developing its guide to spending and saving on business travel.

Key insights found in this guide:

  • There are 3 reasons why business travel can’t go away

    First, some parts of business travel are inevitable, such as client meetings and commutes. Second, business travel significantly helps businesses meet their goals. Third, employees still want — and need — face-to-face interactions for work. That means traveling.

  • There are ways to save money and control costs when it comes to travel

    Keeping employees informed about company budgets and allowances and using technology that offers visibility into team travel can make it easier for companies to stay on top of current and future travel costs.

  • It pays to keep frequent travelers comfortable and cared for on the road

    It’s possible to improve the travel experience with only slight cost increases. Finding these opportunities will help your employees be happier and more productive while they travel.

In this guide you’ll find specific examples of where you can save and where you should spend on business travel so you can maintain your bottom line while maximizing your employees’ experience. Fill out the form below to download now.

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Brand Purpose Business Travel Employee Experience

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