By Webb Wright, NY Reporter

February 26, 2024 | 3 min read

The new ad campaign is the latest example of a brand positioning AI as a tool that can supercharge human creativity.

Since the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, which brought generative AI to the forefront of popular culture and the marketing world, many ad campaigns have integrated this technology, capitalizing on its cultural cachet. (Remember when Under Armour released an ad with a script that had been generated entirely by ChatGPT?)

Now, as AI becomes more commonplace, we’re seeing a growing number of brands advertising their own AI-powered products. Rather than relying on the wow factor of generative AI – which has arguably lost some of its power – some of these ad campaigns have instead opted to highlight the power of AI to enhance human ability and creativity.

A new ad campaign from web domain registry company GoDaddy is an illustrative example. The ads show various entrepreneurs harnessing the company’s AI platform, Airo – which was also launched today alongside the campaign – to supercharge their business ventures. The underlying message seems to be: Sure, you’re already good at what you do, but AI can make you great.

One 30-second spot shows a woman sitting at her desk with Airo opened on her laptop screen. In response to the prompt, “Tell us about your idea,” she responds, “Nocturnal animal candles.” The platform then suggests a domain name – “” – along with a variety of logos and a product description for an owl-shaped candle.

In addition to the new TV spots (of which a total of four were made), GoDaddy is also launching a social media campaign showcasing the stories of actual entrepreneur customers, along with teasers for Airo that will be released on Instagram and Facebook on Leap Day (February 29); these will play on the notion that entrepreneurs have an extra 24 hours this year to hustle towards their goals.

The new GoDaddy ads closely mirror Microsoft’s commercial for Super Bowl LVIII, which advertised Copilot, an AI-powered personal assistant that’s been rolled out across the company’s suite of Office platforms. Similarly to the new GoDaddy campaign, the Microsoft Super Bowl LVIII spot depicts a cast of individuals leveraging AI to work smarter and faster.

Another recent ad from German software company SAP highlighted the many subtle and practical ways that AI can escalate workplace productivity while gently poking fun at ads that use AI-generated art in order to catch viewers’ attention.

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