By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

February 23, 2024 | 2 min read

The beer brand is known for its outdoor stunts and this one caused a lot of confusion across social media.

CGI stunts are continuing to have their moment. From Maybelline’s mascara launch last year to The Ordinary’s recent campaign for its hyaluronic acid product this month.

But this super chill spot from Corona had all of the internet talking this week. Could it be real? Well, no, but the idea did require some intense planning by ad agency Publicis Peru.

Swaying in the balmy breeze, the mammoth hammock was positioned between two tall buildings and even cast a shadow as it waved from side to side.

Beto Noriega, chief creative officer at Publicis Peru, explained: “The challenge was to find the perfect location and ensure that the CGI integration looked absolutely realistic. We did extensive technical and artistic testing. 3D tracking was key, allowing us to integrate the virtual elements with the camera movement and achieve the desired hyperrealism.”

The campaign has gone viral, with thousands of users sharing the video online.

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