By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

February 22, 2024 | 3 min read

It’s the first piece of work for the porridge brand from Uncommon’s new US shop.

Acclaimed director Charlotte Wells has made her advertising debut with a beautifully shot spot for oat company Quakers.

In the ad, viewers see the ever-evolving relationship between a father and son, shown through the moments they share eating a bowl of porridge at breakfast time.

As the years pass, the story relays how their dynamics change, from the son’s angsty teenage years to growing up and becoming a father himself.

In the end, we see the breakfast tradition continuing and being passed down to the son’s child.

Titled ‘You’ve Got This,’ Uncommon enlisted Wells fresh from the critically lauded Aftersun, a film that also explores the relationship between a father and his child.

She said: “Familial bonds, the joy and ache of time passing, of growing up and growing old—these are themes that are constantly on my mind, and which were front and center in this script.”

The longform version of the commercial has been adapted for local markets around the world and is the first-ever fully personalized omnichannel campaign for Quaker.

Lucy Jameson, co-founder of Uncommon Creative Studio, added: “We're really proud to bring emotion to a global audience with this new work for Quaker, celebrating the universal role the brand plays in our lives through a powerful story of a father and a son's relationship. This is the start of a much broader strategic platform for the brand and we can't wait to see this flourish this year.”

Toward the end of last year, the agency opened up its first US studio led by chief creative officer Sam Shepherd. It comes after Havas acquired a majority stake in Uncommon back in July.

According to the brand performance platform Kantar Marketplace, viewers would get a lot of enjoyment from watching this ad and feel a real affinity with Quakers.

Read our interview with Sam Shepherd about his life and career.

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