By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

February 19, 2024 | 2 min read

Metaphoric spot from TBWA\Paris promotes fast food chain’s M+ app.

McDonald’s France has released a surreal new ad featuring an array of different people who are, quite literally, stuck inside.

Created by ad agency TBWA\Paris, it shows a variety of different scenarios, such as not being able to leave the house due to not having anything to wear or being tied into rehearsals for a show all day.

The premise of the short is to promote McDonald’s own delivery app and the benefits of using it. It will be running on TV and is the first part of a 360 campaign that will be released at the end of the month.


Client: Jean Guillaume Bertola, Benoit Kolb, Maxime Gangneux

Agency: Christophe Neyret, Margaux Wanin, Charlotte Delpon, Cassandra Cosson, Louison Palatre

Executive creative directors: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie

Artistic director: François Claux

Copy writer: Swann Richard

Head of strategic planning: Céline Mazza

Head of TV and chief executive officer: Maxime Boiron

Creative producer: Elisabeth Boitte

Film production: Solab

Production manager: Anne-Laure Godhino

Executive producer: Edouard Chassaing

Director: Bjorn Ruhmann

Post-production: Else

Post producer: Mélanie Bernard

Sound production: Else

Head of music and sound: Olivier Lefebvre

Music and sound producer: Fanny Mithois

Sound engineers: Alexandre Robieux, Matthieu Seignez

Music assistant directors: Thomas Jacquet, Ferdinand Huet

Music legal and business affairs: Marion Le Guluche

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