By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

January 31, 2024 | 2 min read

In the South American country, almost 35 million people live without treated water and around 100 million do not have access to sewage collection.

An ad from Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has drawn similarities between the hostile planet Mars and the dire, unlivable conditions many people face in the South American country.

According to Brazil’s federal government, the country has a shortfall of 6.4m habitable housing units. This means that a significant part of the population lives in absolutely inhospitable conditions. On the other hand, every year, people invest billions to make Mars habitable.

“The Public Prosecutor’s Office has among its missions to guarantee the defense of society’s interests in matters related to housing,” says São Paulo’s attorney general Mario Sarrubbo. “This campaign has the important role of reminding the population that social mobilization around the issue is also an important tool for us as we continue working to combat the housing crisis.”

Titled ‘Life on Mars,’ the campaign is the work of VML Brasil. Its chief creative officer, Sleyman Khodor, added: “We often read about people and institutions spending millions to make Mars habitable while millions of Brazilians live in subhuman conditions right here on our doorstep. This campaign aims to raise this social awareness and mobilize the population to take more effective measures to combat poverty.”

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