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By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

January 16, 2024 | 2 min read

Aim is to redefine perceptions of its kitchen quality and design.

Have you heard of Eureka Spiritsis? The brand boasts a 25-year guarantee, quality workmanship and seamless functionality, all topped off with deluxe style. But there’s a catch. The brand name is actually an anagram that, when unscrambled, reveals the true identity. Surprise, it’s Ikea.

Created by ad agency Mother, the ad campaign was teased at the top of the year and is now live across video-on-demand, TikTok, press, social media, in-store and online.

The spot begins in a dark and mysterious room where a woman in a beautiful dress begins playing the cello under a spotlight. A pompous and enigmatic man then walks into frame and the camera starts to follow him as his hand gently glides over a luxurious kitchen counter. In a playfully pretentious style, the camera then focuses on is face as he proudly declares, “We are Eureka Spiritsis.”

Around him, other parts of the luxe kitchen appear as if by magic while he waxes lyrical about the spoof brand.

“Kitchens are at the heart of every home and, through this campaign, we want to show that Ikea kitchens are stylish, practical and built to last by debunking some common misconceptions,” said Kemi Anthony, marketing communication manager at Ikea UK & Ireland.

“With our playful misdirect, we want to give consumers a pleasant surprise and put Ikea kitchen’s design, quality and expertise front and center of the conversation.”

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