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Brands pour out promos for Dry January, from Hendrick’s Gin gym to Hop Wtr’s hypnotist


By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

January 5, 2024 | 6 min read

Cheers to sobriety! We dive into brands’ playful solutions to help consumers stay on track during Dry January.


Hop Wtr has enlisted a hypnotherapist to help some lucky consumers stick to their goals / placeholder

As the haze of holiday indulgence fades and people settle back into their everyday routines, many are steering their New Year’s resolutions toward the commitment of Dry January.

The trend comes as non-alcoholic alternatives continue to grow in popularity. According to recent Nielsen data, the category surged by 35% to over $475 million in the US in the last year. In this evolving landscape, Athletic Brewing has emerged as the top non-alcoholic beer brand in the grocery channel, surpassing Heineken 0.0 and Bud Zero with over a 20% market share.

Capitalizing on these newly sober curious individuals, numerous brands have embarked on inventive, creative campaigns to provide support and encouragement. Dive into The Drum’s curated selection of standouts designed to aid and inspire those battling the booze this month.

Athletic Brewing launches moderation tool to help drinkers ‘Give it a Dry’

athletic brewing's 'track record' campaign

Athletic Brewing Company, the largest non-alcoholic brewery in the US, aspires to make Dry January more accessible by launching ‘Track Record,’ an alcohol moderation tool available on the brand’s mobile app and website. With approximately one-third of U.S. drinkers attempting to reduce alcohol consumption, The platform allows individuals to log their alcohol-free days, promoting mindfulness and moderation without guilt.

It's part of the brand’s ‘Give it a Dry’ initiative, which will see Athletic Brewing’s athlete ambassadors share pro tips on how to navigate a dry month and stay committed to 2024 goals.

Blue Moon’s ‘Dry-Back’ January keeps sober spirita alive with a rebate prize

blue moon dry january campaign

Molson Coors’ Blue Moon Brewing Company seeks to rescue Dry January participants from the notorious ‘Quitters Day’ slump. From January 12 to 31, those seeking out Blue Moon Non-Alcoholic beer will be rewarded with a Dry-Back January rebate. For every six-pack enjoyed during this period, the brand will cover the cost of any Blue Moon variety in February.

To sweeten the deal, Blue Moon says it will also cover the expense of oranges for its signature garnish. To claim the rebate, consumers must to submit their receipts at

Bubly prompts the sober curious to ‘press for Bubly’ ahead of Quitter’s Day

bubly campaign

According to sparkling water brand Bubly, the average American only lasts 10 days into Dry January, and nearly one in 10 give up by January 3. For Quitter’s say, Bubly introduced ‘press for Bubly’ buttons, inspired by the viral ‘press for champagne’ social media trend.

Until January 31, eligible participants in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have the chance to win 8-pack cases of Bubly with a sign up on the ‘press for Bubly’ microsite.

Hendrick’s Gin opens ‘Hendrick’s Gym’ to whip consumers into optimal cocktail-making shape

hendrick's gin campaign

Hendrick’s Gin, which bills itself as “the world’s most unusual gin,” is kicking off the Dry January in a most curious manner: by operating as ‘Hendrick’s Gym’ – a place that, according to the brand, trains gin lovers to perfect their cocktail-making skills throughout the one sober month of the year.

To do so, the brand has developed five different ‘workouts’ to optimize alcohol aficionados’ cocktail-concocting flair and form. Among these exercises is ’Weighted Cocktail Shaking,’ which adds resistance to cocktail shaking and reportedly enables an “elevation of form and poise for shaking all manner of cocktails.” Another entails ’High Repetition Garnishing’ to train gin lovers to expertly slice and position garnishes on a glass.

Hop Wtr hypnotist helps the sober curious stick to their booze-free New Year’s resolutions

hop wt campaign

Hop Wtr, a calorie-free, non-alcoholic sparkling water brand, has meanwhile enlisted a certified hypnotist to help keep the sober curious on track when temptation hits the hardest.

Recognizing that around 43% of individuals abandon their New Year’s resolutions by the month’s end, Hop Wtr has collaborated with a certified hypnotist to provide guided hypnosis sessions in the middle of January so they can crush their goals. Consumers can sign up for a one-on-one session until January 12 to see how hypnotherapy can help them stick to a booze-free month.

Christina Aguilera’s Playground promises women a hydrated Dry January

playground's products

Feeling ’dry’ this January? Playground, a lubricant and sexual wellness brand co-founded by Christina Aguilera, is here to help. The brand is seizing the Dry January opportunity to introduce its line of personal lubricants as the go-to solution for women experiencing vaginal dryness.

According to the brand, 43% of postpartum women encounter vaginal dryness, while an overwhelming 95% of menopausal women endure discomfort during intimacy. Playground’s lubricants are designed to allow women to ’glide’ into the new year with confidence and comfort.

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