By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

January 2, 2024 | 4 min read

Four playful ads extending Tinder’s ‘It Starts with a Swipe’ campaign herald the arrival of the busiest day of the year for online dating.

According to Tinder, the first Sunday of the year, known as ‘Dating Sunday,’ is the busiest day of the year in online dating.

To mark the occasion, Tinder released four new ads that build on its ‘It Starts with a Swipe’ campaign, first introduced in February of 2023: ‘New Last Name,’ ‘A Second Wardrobe,’ ‘A Goodnight Kiss’ and ‘All The Best Spots.’

“We’re thrilled to be continuing to build on our brand platform ‘It Starts with a Swipe’ through our third - and possibly best yet - wave of this powerful campaign,” commented Stephanie Danzi, senior vice-president of global marketing at Tinder. “Our platform is resonating because it beautifully captures what people love most about Tinder — that Tinder is a place of possibilities, where you can start any kind of connection you want, with all kinds of people. The work reflects the fluidity and diversity of Gen Z relationships, because that’s what Tinder delivers: meaningful connections for all.”

The campaign’s launch aligns with the heightened activity observed on this day. According to Tinder, the first Sunday of the year witnesses an impressive surge in user engagement, with an 18% increase in ‘Likes’ sent and a 22% uptick in messages exchanged. The data further reveals a flurry of activity, with 2,263 photos being added to profiles every minute and over 500 profile bios edited per minute from the beginning of the year through Valentine’s Day.

The title of the first spot – ‘New Last Name’ – might suggest a marriage. Surprisingly, the ad unfolds to reveal a young woman updating the contact information of a man she’s dating, from “Miguel Tinder” to “Miguel,” accompanied by heart-eyed emojis in her phone.

‘A Second Wardrobe’ also presents a twist, presenting scattered clothes on the floor to imply a casual hookup scenario. However, as the narrative unfolds, the scene reveals a couple engaging in a charming twist: they are not undressing eachother, but rather sharing clothing.

‘A Goodnight Kiss’ presents a similar idea: some Tinder dates conclude with a singular goodnight kiss, while others transcend the night, and unfold into a long-term relationship.

‘All the Best Spots’ is equally playful, first presenting an innuendo about a date being well-versed in “the right spots.” Its twist reveals that the reference is to discovering the “best date spots.”

The campaign was created in partnership with Tinder's creative agency of record Mischief @ No Fixed Address.

Kevin Mulroy, executive creative director & partner at Mischief, added: “It’s been amazing to watch a true long-term brand platform do exactly what it’s built to do: allow us to continually execute across a broad variety of briefs, products, and offerings, with the consistent look, feel, and messaging of ‘It Starts with a Swipe.’ The primary goal is always tangible business results, but everything we do is built with extra jet fuel to influence culture across channels, whether it’s film, print, activations, or social. When done right, the work goes supersonic.”

The spots are running across connected TV, with out-of-home placements rolling out across the US, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and Thailand.

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