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Marketers & influencers optimistic about AI’s impact on advertising, new study suggests


By Audrey Kemp, LA Reporter

December 6, 2023 | 6 min read

An online survey, consisting of 1,235 influencers and 73 marketers, indicates a rising trend in AI adoption. However, concerns about the growing technology persist.

Social Publi study image

New research suggests that a majority of content creators and marketers harness AI in their work / Credit: Social Publi

Most marketers and influencers are willing to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their work, as revealed by a new study released by micro-influencer platform SocialPubli today.

Fielded in September, the ‘AI in Influencer Marketing 2023’ study polled 1,235 influencers and 73 marketers from Europe and the Americas to assess how AI is impacting and reshaping the industry.

The study coincides with what some experts have termed the “AI Revolution,” between the release of ChatGPT one year ago and the emergence of federal regulations, like President Biden’s new, sweeping executive order.

Despite being in its infancy, AI has already influenced essential aspects of influencer marketing, ranging from content creation to influencer discovery, campaign performance measurement, and analytics.

SocialPubli’s research reveals the current concerns and hopes of marketers and influencers alike.

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Key findings

  • 71% of influencers regard AI as an opportunity for growth and success rather than a threat to the industry. Meanwhile, 52% of influencers incorporate AI into their work.
  • Nearly 30% of influencers follow or engage with virtual influencers

  • 82% of marketers view AI as an opportunity for growth and success, with 76% using AI in their work.

  • 62% of marketers are open to collaborating with virtual influencers, but only 28% have reported working with them, of which 22% reported positive outcomes.

  • AI’s main use applications comprise brainstorming ideas (45%), generating social media copy (47%), creating images or video (39%), editing (36%) and research (35%).

  • 55% of marketers and 37% of influencers feel enthusiastic rather than concerned about the rise of AI. Conversely, nearly 16% of marketers and 41% of influencers saw the rise of AI as a threat.

  • 76% of marketers and 64% of influencers trust data provided by AI

  • 85% of marketers want influencers to disclose when they use AI in sponsored campaigns

  • About 67% of respondents would disclose the use of AI to their followers, while 33% consider such disclosures unnecessary.

Ismael El-Qudsi, chief executive of SocialPubli, emphasizes that influencer marketing can thrive with AI, but transparency and communication about AI usage are crucial.

“Authenticity has always been a hallmark of influencer marketing. AI is a technology in development, and there are many gray areas to be identified and addressed as it becomes more widely adopted. As the potential for incorporating AI into marketing efforts grows, it will be critical for brands and influencers to agree on the aspects that matter to them, including transparency in their communication and in their use of AI tools to support their content efforts.”

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Influencers Artificial Intelligence AI

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