By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

November 16, 2023 | 2 min read

The furry feline upsets the festive fun in 70s-inspired spot, only to be placated by a Temptations treat.

A retro-inspired ad for pet treat brand Temptations leans into nostalgia for cheesy holiday specials from the 1970s, replete with schmaltzy holiday songs, tacky decorations and glitzy outfits.

Created by ad agency Adam&EveDDB, the spot features singing duo The Armstrong Sisters, who have their performance ruined when a cat jumps on the piano and starts playing it horrifically.

The singers struggle to continue their act as the kitty bashes away randomly on the keys. Eventually, the performers manage to tempt the cat away from the instrument with a Temptations snack.

“Every cat thinks they’re too cool to partake in holiday fun, but we know that cool exterior will crumble in the face of Temptations Creamy Purrr-èe,” says Richard Brim, chief creative officer at Adam&EveDDB.

“Our new campaign is a fitting addition to the ‘Cats Lose Their Cool’ platform – a funny, nostalgic festive spot to prove just how irresistible Temptations treats are to our feline friends.”

The campaign will run on TV from November 1 until Christmas Eve.

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