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Whitepapers Brand Strategy B2B Marketing

Is this the ultimate guide to video marketing?

October 4, 2023 | 6 min read

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Vimeo’s Video Marketing Handbook lays out the growing importance of video in marketing and offers valuable insights, strategies and tools for leveraging video content effectively, from live streaming events to social media advertising and analytics.

Video is now an essential part of a successful marketing playbook

Video is now an essential part of a successful marketing playbook

Your marketing could probably use a hard refresh. Underperforming campaigns, static web pages, straight-to-spam emails, lengthy webinars, and outdated blog posts may be contributing to not-so-stellar results and a few sleepless nights. To stay competitive, businesses must embrace video marketing, as 91% of companies are already doing.

Video plays a critical role in building high impact marketing strategies; trends show over 76% of marketing leaders already find video to be more effective than other media types. And with accessible video production tools available, any marketer can create engaging content efficiently while optimizing budgets.

Vimeo’s Video Marketing Handbook covers all the different ways marketers can leverage video in their content, social media, advertising, events, and brand strategy. It also introduces new ways marketers can leverage interactive video to drive engagement, strategies to streamline and scale creative and collaborative production workflows, the role of AI in the future of video marketing, and essential video analytics to measure performance.

Key trends

  • In the race for attention, video content proves to perform better. For example, a study from IPG Media Lab shows Interactive video ads are more memorable than traditional video and increase viewing time by 47%. More brands are adopting a media-first mindset to their content by incorporating humor, short-form videos, and interactive elements in their campaign planning.
  • Virtual and hybrid events remain a cost-effective, inclusive, and engaging strategy for building brand awareness and lead generation. Marketers can extend the life of their live event content by repurposing videos for different marketing channels. A centralized content hub also makes it easier to organize creative assets, distribute video content, and streamline workflows across teams.
  • While embedding video on a website is a great way to provide rich content and context to customers, marketers are taking it a step further with interactive video experiences. This includes layering elements like clickable hotspots, overlays, and branching elements into videos to make the experience more engaging and leads to higher interaction rates.
  • Looking to the future of AI, creative teams should have full control and ownership of the content they produce and edit, but might consider AI as a way to automate time consuming tasks and help marketers focus on more important jobs. This may include using AI to generate concepts, identify images and sounds, and optimize brand videos.

All of this and more is covered in the handbook, as well as key video metrics including view count, impressions, likes, comments, lead generation, click-through rates, and watch time, and the importance of customizable reports and data for evaluating video performance.

Are you ready to reenergize your marketing efforts and reach a broader audience with more engaging video experiences? Download the full report below.

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Whitepapers Brand Strategy B2B Marketing

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