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Creative Brand Strategy Most Effective Ads of the Month

Find out the UK's most loved ads in August


By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

September 1, 2023 | 7 min read

System1 reveals which ads most resonated with the British people in August.


The top 5 ads of August

Each month, hundreds of new TV ads launch in the UK. Marketing research and effectiveness company System1 analyzed the latest spots to see what resonated most with the public. It also predicts long-term brand growth (star rating) and short-term sales growth (spike rating). That’s then validated against IPA data and sales data.

System1 chief marketing officer Jon Evans explains: “In sync with the season, the top five ads of this month are all about embracing quality time with loved ones, relishing the joys of summer escapades, and preparing for the back-to-school hustle. Notably, humor takes center stage in many of these ads, be it the lapse of your password memory or swiftly leaping over a dining table just before guests enter."

5. Nintendo ‘Spend Quality Time with the Whole Family this Summer- 4.2-Stars


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“Nintendo excels with 19 of the top 20 video game ads on our Test Your Ad platform, creatively highlighting player experiences over gameplay. Their portrayal of family and friend interactions sets them apart, and this recent ad from Leo Burnett, featuring vacationing families with Nintendo Switches, stands out for its timely summer theme and seamless gaming integration where there’s a role for everyone.”

4. M&S’ Best in Class’ - 4.2-Stars


“M&S stands out in two remarkable ways. Firstly, the ad features children narrating in their unique accents, a nostalgic treat for British viewers. Secondly, the ad starts with an energetic scene of a superheroine cycling, capturing the joyful schoolyard moments and embracing the essence of school days beyond attire. The ad not only achieves a 4.2-Star score but performs strongly in short-term sales metrics like Spike (Exceptional) and Brand Fluency (94%).”

3. Ritz ‘Ready When you Aren’t’ - 4.3-Stars


“Ritz Crackers confidently shine through with an impressive 4.2-star Rating and an exceptional surge in short-term engagement. Branded as the snack that’s "Ready When You Aren’t," the campaign utilizes physical comedy and slapstick humor, requiring complex choreography and performance. While other snacks chase indulgence, Ritz Crackers take a different route, delivering uproarious dive-bombs along tables, orchestrating a vacuum cleaner ballet, and culminating in a perfectly timed throw of a binliner.”

2. Kit Kat’ Tech Frustrations' 4.4-Stars

Report: Test Your Ad (

“This effective ad from Kit Kat blends three essential right-brained features seamlessly: character, incident, and place. In a humorous medieval scene akin to Monty Python, a knight faces the relatable woe of forgetting her password at a castle. Using the seamless scenario technique, Kit Kat portrays challenging situations that naturally lead to a well-deserved Kit Kat break while subtly paying homage to their 2017 medieval-themed campaign “Katapult.” This approach engages audiences and significantly enhances brand recognition (96%).”

1. Rhodes’ What You Love is Here’ 4.6-Stars


“As summer ends, the sight of clear blue oceans and the sun’s comforting rays contribute to an impressive 4.6 Star score for Rhodes. The charm of families and friends coming together to celebrate adds a layer of joy to the scene. And no surprise, a holiday getaway theme steals the spotlight among our top picks for August, perfectly capturing the season's vibe."

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Creative Brand Strategy Most Effective Ads of the Month

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