By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

August 25, 2023 | 2 min read

Hyper-realistic miniature model of Patagonian forest goes up in flames in awareness spot by The Juju Agency.

Campaigning network Greenpeace has launched a new ad that highlights the forest emergency in Argentina.

Every two minutes the country loses a hectare of forests – the equivalent of 30 soccer fields an hour. The effect of deforestation is devastating, with species disappearance, climate change, floods, droughts and disease just some of the consequences. To raise awareness, The Juju Agency created a unique air freshener for cars: ‘The Scent of Consciousness.’

In the short spot, viewers see a hyper-realistic model of the Patagonian forests made of sustainable materials go up in flames.

A Greenpeace spokesperson said: “This is a product that should not exist because it reflects a serious problem: many animals are dying due to forest fires. With this audiovisual piece, we want to raise awareness among the population and leave a message that challenges us all.

“In the last five years, forest fires have devastated 35,000 hectares of Andean Patagonian forests. 95% of forest fires are caused by humans. More than half of deforestation is illegal, but there is no penalty for those responsible.”


Chief creative officers and partners: Nicolás Zarlenga, Federico Plaza Montero

Creative team: Facundo López, Efraín Albrieu

Account director: María Belén D'Erasmo

Agency producer: Victoria Obetko

Producer: Primo

Director: Santi Elias

Executive producer: Caro Cordini

Producers: Gala Gonzalez Costes, German Lentini

Director of photography: Lautaro Isern

Model maker: Max Canosa

Art director: Majo Herrero

Post-production coordinator: Sebas López

VFX: Gabriel San Roman

Publisher: Daniel Prync

Band: Swing Music

Sound design and mix: Swing Music

Color correction: Dan Carrizo

Responsible by client: Hernán Giardini, Diego Salas, Mauricio Stroia

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