By Hannah Bowler | Senior Reporter

August 1, 2023 | 4 min read

4creative gives viewers a tension-grabbing teaser of life in the Canadian wilderness to promote its latest survival format.

Channel 4 has tasked its in-house agency 4creative to dramatize the dangers of the wild outdoors for its upcoming survival series.

At the center of the campaign is a 30-second cinema stunt shot from a first-person perspective on a camcorder with the sounds of the wilderness howling and culminates in a bear's eyes flickering in the darkness as it's awoken by a mobile phone ring.

The cinema ad is supported by six copy-led out-of-home posters showing the ways the outdoors can defeat humans. The posters use dark humor and feature scenarios like eating the wrong berries and getting bitten to death by bugs.

Immersive radio spots and social teasers will be dropped in the run-up to the show’s launch and YouTube creators Billythegoat, Darkest Man and Nella Rose have been recruited to spend a night in the woods to create exclusive YouTube content.

Alone takes 11 contestants and drops them into the Canadian wilderness with no film crew or support team, the show was created on the idea: 'The Great Outdoors. You Can’t Beat it.'

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Executive creative directors: Lynsey Atkin Deputy, Lambros Charalambous

Creatives: Reuben Dangoor, Stuart Gittings

Executive producer: James Faupel

Campaign producer: Daniel Wimborne

Producer: Natalie Cox Senior

Project manager: Olivia Jones

Head of design: Rob Boon

Designer: Tristan Cluett

Head of production and operations: Miketta Lane

Retouching: Curious

Post production: Lucky Cat

Sound production: String and Tins

Media agency: OMD Snr

Director: Richard Bramley

Camera operator/DOP: Sam Baker

Production manager: Hannah Jones

Production assistant: Emily Jacob

Creative Creative Works 4creative

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