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New report reveals the 4 ingredients of effective brand storytelling in 2023


By Jenni Baker, Senior Editor

July 26, 2023 | 4 min read

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A study of 250 UK marketers shapes a new report from The Drum and Amazon Ads that plots the essential ingredients of modern brand storytelling – from ‘once upon a customer’ to ‘commerce ever after’.

A study of 250 UK marketers shapes a new report with Amazon Ads

A study of 250 UK marketers tells 'the story of brand storytelling' in report with Amazon Ads

Stories are what help people connect to your experiences – whether you’re discussing a delicious meal, recapping a vacation, or complaining about the weather. You tell stories – and listen to them – all the time. But where do they sit in your marketing mix?

According to a new study of 250 UK-based decision makers across brands, media and creative agencies, from The Drum and Amazon Ads, four in five marketers (79%) will prioritize brand storytelling in the next 12 months as they believe it will positively impact their marketing campaigns’ performance. Why? Because stories can add context to your content and turn your customers into fans.

“The holy grail of brand storytelling is when people want to listen to your story – so that, just as they might reread and recommend their favorite book to others, they will keep coming back to your brand and even share their experience with friends,” says Kate McCagg, head of Brand Innovation Lab, Amazon Ads.

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So, while the majority of those surveyed know that a stronger narrative will help them make stronger connections, how do you make sure your brand story lands? Most also admit that the fragmented media landscape and a lack of audience insights make it difficult to reach and ultimately resonate with these customers.

Which is where this new report comes in. ‘The story of brand storytelling: how ‘once upon a customer’ can lead to ‘commerce ever after’, from The Drum and Amazon Ads, explores how marketers can unlock the true effectiveness of storytelling through four essential ingredients: customers, creative, channels and content-to-commerce.  

“This research reaffirms the power of storytelling and the role it can play in creating meaningful connections in a fragmented world,” says McCagg. “When executed effectively, marketers say storytelling improves campaign results, reach and relevance, and positions them as more relatable and trustworthy in the minds of their audiences.”

And isn’t that the fairytale ending for any brand?

Dive in to explore the story of storytelling – for marketers, by marketers, here.

Brand Purpose Brand Strategy B2B Marketing

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