By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

June 9, 2023 | 2 min read

The funny spots see the comedian have to explain what ‘Cod’ (Call of Duty) is to his father.

Sky Broadband has put Jack and Michael Whitehall in the hot seat and enlisted them to work at its IT helpdesk.

The father and son duo think they have all the answers, but it transpires that they are, actually, completely clueless.

In one clip, Jack is heard saying to his father that it is nice to have Minions in the office, to which the elder replies that he shouldn’t call the people that work at Sky that name. In another, the standup hilarious tries to explain to Michael about various video games.

Dave Stratton, director of marketing at Sky, said: “We know seeking broadband tech support can be overwhelming and complicated. With millions of UK consumers searching for how they can improve their broadband connection online our Sky T Help Desk campaign is designed to not only remove that pain but make broadband education easy to understand and, most importantly, entertaining.

“The team has done a brilliant job of bringing that to life, uniting well-known British talent with our brand positioning; Sky Broadband, built for entertainment.”

The content series for Sky Broadband Sky T Help Desk is a digital-only campaign that has launched on YouTube and will be activated across Reddit, PPC and

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