By John Glenday | Reporter

May 16, 2023 | 2 min read

Power the Fight is tackling the difficult topic of violence affecting young people head-on with a powerful film depicting the crushing anxiety that can ensue.

The charity, working with agency TMS, is marking Mental Health Awareness Week by demonstrating the insidious impact of violence on mental well-being by playing relevant audio news reports against images of teenagers unable to sleep.

With a warning that the threat of violence can be ever present in the imagination and on social media, the campaign is born out of concern that 39% of children have been a victim of violence - with 65% adapting their behavior as a result.

Power the Fight founder Ben Lindsay said: “Violence affecting young people is not the cute sell of charities that work with children and animals; it’s a tough issue and we wanted a campaign that would put our marker in the sand. TMS has achieved this powerfully and elegantly, communicating our message in an intentional way, without using bloodshed or knives to get the message across.”

The centerpiece of a fundraising drive to provide workshops and tool kits to help those affected by these issues, the campaign sought to lower barriers to donations from people turned off by the sight of blood, knives and guns.

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