By John Glenday, Reporter

May 16, 2023 | 2 min read

The Hungarian web sensation has again made the jump from meme to marketing as the face of a new ad campaign from the e-commerce business.

Stockphoto star Hide the Pain Harold plays an e-commerce founder in need of a revenue-based finance and growth platform in a new ad for Wayflyer, with his character naturally gravitating toward the e-commerce business’s offer.

In the process Hide the Pain Harold employs his famed stiff upper lip to grimace his way through surging demand for his product, brushing aside worries that there is no cash to support it with a piercing smile. Marrying delight and fear in his inimitable manner, Harold embodies the ability of Wayflyer to free up cash for marketing, growth and boosting profitability.

Daniel Nugent, marketing lead at Wayflyer, said: “There is arguably no more recognizable face on the internet that sums up the mixed emotion of happiness and anxiety than Hide the Pain Harold. We felt that we needed the campaign to be very clear about what it is that Wayflyer does and the problem it is solving. Having a character like Harold who embodies the emotion felt by e-commerce founders and is recognizable on social media supports this mission. This isn’t meant to be a TV ad, it’s very much an ad for the internet, with internet humor.”

Launching across Europe, North America and Australia the social media campaign is aiming high for 10m views, building brand awareness and an understanding of Wayflyer’s offer in the process.

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