By John Glenday | Reporter

May 10, 2023 | 3 min read

This campaign will make crisp purists shake with rage.

Walkers is shaking up the staid world of sandwich making once again by appalling purists and delighting contrarians with a variety of crisp combinations to get you through the day.

Embracing the 68% of Brits who enjoy the odd bag of crisps with their sandwiches, as well as those for whom a crunchy sandwich is not their bag, the snack brand has reinstated its #CrispIN or #CrispOUT campaign to settle the most burning question in lunch etiquette.

Following last year’s challenge with the heavy-hitting trio of Monster Munch, Wotsits and Quavers, the campaign pushes Ploughman’s traditionalists off balance by seeing who might be tempted to combine before it hits your stomach.

Philippa Pennington, Walkers’s senior marketing manager at PepsiCo, said: “We are introducing new crisps from the Walkers portfolio and reigniting an iconic debate that has gripped the nation. We want to know if, by adding Wotsits, Monster Munch and other iconic snacks, the nation thinks we have taken it a step too far – or whether these new combos are too tempting to resist.”

Mark Orbine, executive creative director at VCCP, added: “You thought you knew whether you were #CrispIN or #CrispOUT, but with the addition of Monster Munch, Quavers and Wotsits, is it still so simple? This year we are upping the ante, stopping people in their tracks and getting them to rethink their position in the debate. You may say no to Walkers Salt & Vinegar in your bap but what about Wotsits in your bap? Now is that too far or is it actually quite tempting?”

Led by a light-hearted TV spot, the campaign is promoted by a variety of provocative out-of-home installations that will leave you never looking at a bag of crisps the same way again.

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