By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

May 2, 2023 | 2 min read

Caterpillars Cuthbert and Colin came face to face at a party for the first time since those legal proceedings.

Aldi is poking fun at rival supermarket M&S over the now-infamous cake wars. In the TV spot, first revealed on the brand’s Twitter feed, viewers see Cuthbert surrounded by fellow supermarket caterpillars Morris, Wiggles and Clyde at a get-together. Eating chocolate cake, they then spy their archenemy Colin arriving at the party, with one of the characters exclaiming: “Well this is a bit awks… cake anyone?”

Ahead of its TV premiere, Aldi dropped hints on social media which fans of the German retailer were quick to praise. It’s one of two ads from the new ‘Like Brands, Only Cheaper’ series.

Jemma Townsend, marketing director at Aldi UK, said: “What better way to show shoppers’ support of Cuthbert than by having him as the star in the returning ‘Like Brands, Only Cheaper’ series?

“Aldi exclusive brands are just as good as the brands people know and love and these adverts are set to remind people of that at a time where cost of living is increasingly important.”

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