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By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

March 29, 2023 | 5 min read

The ketchup-inspired ink is made using non-harmful ingredients.

Following the news that colored tattoo ink faces growing restrictions and bans in certain countries, Heinz has developed its red pigment through a partnership with manufacturers Electric Ink.

On the ‘Heinz Tattoo Ink’ project, Heinz Brazil brand leader Thiago Stelle, said: “A quick search of photos and hashtags on social media makes it obvious that Heinz fans love getting tattoos with our brand and products. We had to do something extraordinary for them and, as a result, bring a new alternative to address the issue of harmful pigment ingredients.

"We see this as a double opportunity because with this new feature, we not only bring new ways to get a Heinz tattoo through an incredible curation of artists, but we also offer an ink that is being developed with the same care in which we choose our ingredients and make our ketchup.”

To coincide with the launch, Heinz worked with five Brazilian tattoo artists to create 57 original Heinz tattoo stencils — all to align with the brand’s trademark ‘57 Varieties.’

If anyone is keen to get a ketchup tattoo, then these stencils are available to download from the brand’s website.

It wouldn’t be the first time an enthusiastic fan dedicated some skin to the brand, either. Musician Ed Sheeran famously had the Heinz logo inked onto his arm, resulting in a collaboration between the two.

Heinz Tattoo 02


Kraft Heinz

Marketing director: Cecília Alexandre

Brand lead: Thiago Stelle

Brand coordinator: Thais Correa

PR manager marketing: André Mendes

Digital and media coordinator: Bruna Donato

Content and community coordinator: Ana Ladeira


Founder and chief executive officer/ chief creative officer: Felipe Simi

Executive creative sirectors: Rafael Ziggy, Rafael Caldeira

Group creative director: Erick Mendonça

Creative leader: André Savastano

Design and creative leader: Fabiana Falcão, Renan Monjon, Saulo Monjon

Art direction: Kauã Michelin, Juliano Shimizu, Laissa Moreira

Copywriter: André Savastano

Content leader: Jader Gomes

Content creator: Bianca Santos

Content, art direction: Isabela Yamada

Community manager: Giuliana Combothanassis

Studio leader: Leticia Santos

Motion designer: Yago Lopes

CGO: Felipe Belinky

COO: Brisa Vicente

Head of account: Verena Neves

Account director: Jéssica Pereira

Head of operations: Larissa Kubo

Project leader: Marcelo Shiro, Lucas Cardoso

Project manager: Elisa Celia, Juliana Rente, Guilherme Piropo

Head of broadcasting: Fabiane Abel

Broadcaster: Thais Hernandez, Luisa Marcomini, Nanna Galli

Head of strategy & Data: Ana Cortat

Data and innovation leader: Matheus Facci

Data scientist: Leonardo Galhego


Executive production: Fernando Chamis

Production: Camila Malaman, Ingrid Ostan e Pedro Reali

Front-end programming: Carol Cezareti

Back-end programming: Maysa Bonfante e Vinícius Silva

Instagram Filter: Matheus Pinheiro Martins


Leandro Beltran

Artists/ Illustrators: Leo Neguin, Elissa Rocabado, Renan Cruz , Fernando Felix, Helena Obersteiner

Video production

Executive producer: Paulo Henrique Vicente

Director: Raphael Taira

Co-directors: As Mina

Director assistant: Giulia Larrain

DOP: Marco Antônio Ferreira

Camera assistant #1: Tiago Eli

Camera assistant #2: Pamela Santos

Video assistant: Ruan Britto

Logger: Marcio Costa

Electrician: Carlos Cortes

Electrician assistant: João Conceição

Machinery assistant: Laelson da Silva

Still shooting: Tamara dos Santos

Actress: Thaís Ferreira

Actress: Nathália Cintra

Production assistant: Marcio da Silva

Catering: Flor de Lótus

Drivers: Edmilson Marinho, Marcelo Barbosa, William Oliveira

Studio + Nova Haus

Creative and production supervisor: Leticia Gomes dos Santos

Video editor and motion designer: Yago Beppler Lopes Costa

Motion designer: Yasmin de Jesus Cruz Farias

Sr. project manager: Thaline Malvezi

Project assistant: Leonardo Portilho

Nova Haus

Account: Alyne Passarelli

Motion designer: Larissa Hamuy e Lucas Teixeira

Image Treatment

Alt Retouch: Mateus Moraes

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