By Amy Houston | Senior Reporter

December 5, 2022 | 5 min read

Patrón highlights artisans including a jimador and tahona miller, plus various fermenters, distillers, and bottlers.

‘Our Hands’ spotlights Patron’s authentic tequila production and the people behind the brand who put passion and care into the craft.

It was shot at Hacienda Patron in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico where the drink is produced and uses music and visual performance art to bring to life the brand’s ethos.

“With over 2,000 employees at Hacienda Patron, our tequila is passionately handcrafted by our familia before it leaves the distillery,“ said Ronan Beirne, global vice president at Patrón Futures.

“We’re incredibly proud of the new ’Our Hands’ creative because it illustrates how our dedicated Patron artisans play such an important role in creating our super-premium tequila through handcrafted techniques and small batch distilling methods, and by using only three, natural ingredients.“


Creative agency: Mullenlowe Los Angeles

Executive creative directors: Laura Sampedro, Carlos Alija

Creative director: Victor Monclus

Head of design: Fabio Brigido

ACDs, writer: Ashley Suarez Wood

ACDs, Art: Mary Wuench

Art director/content photography: Michael Marcheco

Sr. designer: Rafa Rosa

Group strategy director: Bia Bonani

Associate strategy director: Christian Franco

Managing director: Javier Passerieu

Vice president, head of integrated production: Kate Hildebrant

Producer: Judd Stricker

Vice president, director of art production: Karen Youngs

Senior vice president, group account director: Peter Jacobs

Account director: Hector Romero

Account supervisor: Anita Patel

Account executive: Maya Smithson

Project manager: Tori Landin

Vice president director of business affairs: Davina Turnbull

Business affairs manager: Megan Schofield

Business affairs assistant: Maddie Kercheval

Vice president, executive content producer: Aubrey Hayden

Senior vice president, director of editorial: Emile Doucett

Editor/ shooter: Andrew Mui

Vice president, director of integrate studio: Dan Howell

Associate motion design, director: Jorge Noujaim

Motion designer: Robert Lujan

Production company: Loveboat

Director: Airton “Tino” Carmignani

Managing partner: Jeff Baron

Executive producer: Rachel Curl

Production supervisor: Tiffany Che

Production designer: Gui Marini Da Silva

Producer: Sally Hanson

DoP: Dustin Lane

Assistant director: Scott Harris

Production services: Story

Story producer: Carlos Estrada

Choreographer: Priscilla Reed

Editing company: Lockt

Lead editor: Dan Abraham

Executive producer: Rebecca Jameson

Post producer: Jess Berry

Finishing company: Shape + Light

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Executive producer: Cara Lehr

Creative director: Rob Trent

VFX supervisor/lead flame: Aaron Neitz

Music supervision company: Tribe Caribe

Composer and music Pproducer: Andrés Levin

Music producer: Jaxx Landry

Artisan photographer: Enrique Leyva

Product photographer: Ren Fuller

Fashion designer: Sandra Weil

Stylist: Andrea Mendez

Design director: Monica Mendoza

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