By Sam Bradley | Senior Reporter

November 29, 2022 | 2 min read

Burger King’s new French spot invites diners to a discourse on the greatest burger of them all.

From Descartes to de Beauvoir, Sartre to Simone Weil, the French love a good debate. Now, we can add Burger King to that list of rhetorical masters.

The fast food chain has released a new ad for the French market, which sees it host a free and frank discussion about the best burgers on the market.

The spot shows a couple debating about which brand offers the best beef and brioche combo, ranging from Burger King’s traditional rivals McDonald’s and KFC, to newer competitors such as Five Guys, Quick, Bioburger, Big Fernand and PNY.

The discussion swiftly gets out of hand, as other diners, police officers, paramedics and passers-by each demand to have their say.

“I’ve been eating burgers for 20 years, so I don’t need any lessons from you, OK?” yells one irate ad-hoc cuisine critic. Before the conversation escalates into an all-out riot, tempers are soothed by a solution that satisfies everyone – a Whopper.

The ad ran for the first time during the half-time break between France’s World Cup draw against Denmark.

The 1:55 spot was made by creative agency Buzzman and helmed by executive creative director Georges Mohammed-Chérif. 90-second formats will also run throughout the course of the campaign.

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