By Amy Houston, Senior Reporter

September 21, 2022 | 3 min read

Swedish retail giant Ikea hopes to give a new lease of life to unwanted furniture with the introduction of its second-hand stores.

Last year, Ikea Norway unveiled ‘The Trash Collection,’ which featured discarded furniture that was then upcycled in-store. This year it has taken it a step further and opened second-hand shops that buy back what you no longer need.

In the promo spot ‘The Life Collection 2022,’ viewers see various chairs, tables and drawers that have been discarded for different reasons. Perhaps there’s no longer room in the family home for them, the owner died or the business went bankrupt. It might seem a little bleak, but these are the realities of life.

“We wanted to show how we understand that furniture isn’t necessarily useful forever,” said Roberto Giannone, global marketing manager at Ikea. “Our new second-hand stores are needed because life happens, and we needed a more sustainable way of treating our furniture.”


Agency: Try

Creative team: Caroline Riis and Eirik Sørensen

Consultant: Trond Sandø

Project manager: Marte Heiersted

Designer: Jeppe Gjesti

Designer: Mats Mæland

Designer: Magnus Snickars

Designer: Dennis Magnus-Andresen

Designer: Tommy Lybekk

Designer: Marthe Solli

Adviser: Cecilie Helsvig

Graphic design: Elise Eik Ismar

Digital producer: Erik Teigland


Agency: Aparent

Director: Kavar Singh and Niels Windfeldt

DP: Oskar Dalsbakken

Producer: Aleksander Aurdal

FAD: Laura Ugolini

Behind-the-scenes photography: Espen Saur

Gaffer: Levi Gawron

Props: Alexei Mokel

Costume: Karoline Austring and Isabella Mork

Casting: Hannah Foldøy

Production: Espen Saur and Alexei Moke

Edit: Henrik Pedersen

Online: Sindre Hammersbøen

Grade: Joakim Rissveds

Sound: Andreas Waag Martinse


Music supervisor: Thore Garberg/Apollo Music

Song: Joe Tex – Hold What You’ve Got


Client: Ikea Norway

Country marketing manager: Frode Ullebust

Country marketing communication manger: Tobias Lien

Marketing communication specialist: Kristin Berge Jahr

Media leader: Ulrikke Dahl

Online content specialist: Susanne Reinertsen

Online content specialist: Beverley Getz Ivin

Integrated media manager: Åse-Marit Christensen

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