By John Glenday, Reporter

August 9, 2022 | 2 min read

TimeOut and Grey are countering heavy-handed local ordinance banning bright street stall signage in Mexico in defense of the small businesses and their ads that give the streets much of their color and character.

The media group, together with its advertising agency partner, produced a range of magnetic stickers to circumvent a decree by the mayor of Cuauhtémoc mandating the removal of all signs from stalls. The regulation claims that all signs must be painted white and gray, and display only the logo of the city council.

Encouraging stallholders to stick where they cannot paint, the loophole approach is a response to popular outrage against a policy considered to be an attack on art and culture rather than street clutter.

Working alongside established sign-makers, the team recreated the distinctive typography and bold use of color favored by taco and newspaper vendors in their pursuit of custom.

A grassroots rebellion has already seen residents of the municipality band together under the #ConlosRótulosNo banner to voice their indignation at the spartan policy.


Grey Mexico

President & CCO: Luis Gaitán

CEO: Coral Arnedo

Executive Creative Director: Mauricio Guerrero

Head of Art: Oscar Cuevas

Creative Directors: Miguel García, Nacho Tamez

Production Director: Paloma Pieza

Editing: Matías Chapur

Master Signmakers: Eduardo Robles Montes, Héctor Robles Montes, Marco Antonio Rodríguez González

Digitalization: Faena Studio

TimeOut Mexico

General Manager: Carlos Verástegui

Editorial Director: Mauricio Nava

Marketing Manager: Julio Chávez

Mexico Brand Purpose Grey

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