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By Taruka Srivastava | Freelance journalist

July 27, 2022 | 2 min read

The American Red Cross is spotlighting the dire consequences of the US blood donation crisis with a horror movie-themed PSA.

The spot, named ‘A Bloody Nightmare,’ features Scream actress Neve Campbell reprising her role as Sidney Prescott. Its jumpscares and eerie soundtrack mock the clichéd scenes in horror movies where characters always seem to make the worst decision.

A teenage girl hiding under a table says: “Going to cheerleading camp next to the abandoned insane asylum? It’s like throwing good blood away!” as a man with an ax pulls her out. Meanwhile, a boy with his girlfriend in a car exclaims: “There’s a blood shortage and we came up to Dead Lovers’ Point. At midnight. On Friday the 13th.”

Back to Campbell, who has now armed herself with a baseball bat. She highlights how said blood is needed, for example for those fighting cancer and giving birth. She makes the point that while audiences seem to love seeing blood spilled in horror films, only 3% of the population donates it.

The film closes with the encouragement to schedule an appointment through the Red Cross.

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