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Find out what the UK public’s most-liked TV ads were in June

By Taruka Srivastava | Freelance journalist

June 30, 2022 | 7 min read

Ad-ranking database System1 has shared its highest-ranked UK TV ads from June. Jon Evans, chief marketing officer at System1, explains how the ad industry’s darlings aren’t always the most effective work in the eyes of the Great British public.

Find out what the UK public’s most-liked TV ads were in June

M&S’s ‘Fresh Market Update: Summer Flowers’ featured in the UK public’s most-liked TV ads in June


System1 tests ads on measures that predict long-term brand growth (star rating) and short-term sales growth (spike rating) – each between one and five stars. These measures are validated using the independent Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) database and against real sales data at a category level.

5) Boots: Summer Better Be Ready

Star rating: 3.4

Boots returns to the theme that worked so well for it last summer – ordinary women having fun in the sun. The ad features dancing, diving and partying with friends, all to a soundtrack adapting a Fugees classic for a little touch of 90s nostalgia.

Last year Boots’ summer ad focused on a single pair of friends, which created a story and sense of betweenness that is missing this time. But the good vibe is infectious and the ad gets a good response.

With every brand trying to get in on the summer spirit, Boots can be happy as one of the month’s top retail ads.

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4) All England Lawn Tennis Club: The Stage Awaits

Star rating: 3.5

For Wimbledon 2022, the tournament has chosen to go with an upbeat animated film following three young tennis players and fans on a fantasy journey through Wimbledon’s iconography.

Using Centre Court, strawberries and cream, the club building itself and players from Serena Williams to Emma Raducanu, all the key features are here – set to an insistent melodic soundtrack. The choice of animation is a canny one, letting the brand make the point that Wimbledon is all about the history and atmosphere, not just the on-court action. But the ad also celebrates diversity and women’s sport too – making for a feel-good film that scores well.

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3) Coca-Cola: The Conductor

Star rating: 4.7

The latest in Coca-Cola’s ‘Real Magic’ campaign takes us into a fantastic concerto as a diverse orchestra plays Queen’s A Kind Of Magic with dancers, musicians and fireworks all adding to the excitement. Of course, there’s plenty of Coca-Cola red on display too.

The reveal? All this is happening inside a Coca-Cola bottle a young man has just opened while he studies in a library.

It’s a clever concept that makes for a joyful ad. The audience responded to it well, with a high 3-star score. But the moment-by-moment emotion trails off a little after the reveal, and perhaps the ad would have worked better with fewer crucial seconds spent in the library and more in the ‘bottle world.’ Still, there’s enough magic here to earn Coke a high place.

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2) The Co-op: The Only Way Is Up

Star rating: 4.1

What sets the Co-op aside from other retail brands is its community roots, and this gentle, likable summer ad sets out to remind viewers of the community work the brand does. The ad shows families, friends, customers, shop workers and farmers – all stakeholders in their community and in the Co-op’s success.

With plenty of scenery changes and a very diverse cast, the ad needs something to hold it together, and it finds that in a new cover version of Yazz’s The Only Way Is Up.

It adds up to an uplifting commercial that resonated well with the audience, earning a 4.1-star rating, and exceptional short-term spike and brand fluency scores.

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1) M&S: Fresh Market Update: Summer Flowers

Star rating: 4.2

Another great result for M&S, whose ‘Fresh Market Update’ has been one of the most successful campaigns of 2022. It’s such a simple formula – a quick burst of Fleetwood Mac to set the gentle mood, and an enthusiastic interview with a chef or farmer who puts the spotlight on M&S products.

The campaign taps into a very British love of relaxed, good-humored expertise – it’s the ad equivalent of Antiques Roadshow.

This month’s installment also takes advantage of the Platinum Jubilee as it shows off summer flowers and a celebration trifle, and it even ends in a miniature street party.

The campaign may not be edgy, but in a way it is rather bold in its conviction that what viewers want is a minute of friendly, informed chat. Another 4-star score and top-level spike and brand fluency scores suggest the brand is on to something.

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