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By Audrey Kemp | LA reporter

June 13, 2022 | 3 min read

As Hard Mtn Dew achieves availability in seven states, the coveted spiked soda unveils its first-ever campaign.

Hard Mtn Dew is here, and its commercial debut is sure to create a buzz. Directed by Hungry Man’s David Laden, the six-video series demonstrates the lengths fans are willing to go to get their hands on a can.

One six-second spot shows an employee unloading a shipment of Hard Mtn Dew to a liquor store, when a man in business attire comes out of nowhere to grab one. He sprints through a piece of glass two other workers are holding, shattering it.

Another features the same businessman proudly holding his Hard Mtn Dew that he worked so hard to acquire. Suddenly, a woman in yoga gear leaps down from the top of the liquor store to steal it.

The campaign comes as Hard Mtn Dew celebrates retail availability in its seventh state, Missouri. Missouri now joins other states Tennessee, Florida, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Minnesota that can legally distribute the drink. According to Beverage Digest data, the drink will be available in nine states by the end of the summer.

Hard Mtn Dew currently comes in four familiar flavors – Original, Baja Blast, Black Cherry and Watermelon – but with the added edge of 5% alcohol. It contains no caffeine or added sugar and packs 100 calories per serving.

The highly-anticipated drink first arrived on the scene in February, causing cases to fly off the shelves wherever they were sold. Since its inception in 1940, the PepsiCo-owned brand has never been packaged with alcohol, although according to Beverage Digest editor Duane Stanford it was initially introduced as a mixer.

This new ‘hard’ version is created in partnership with Boston Beer, which also manufactures Truly Hard Seltzer.

“With this release, it’s almost as if Mtn Dew is going back to its roots,” Stanford told The Drum. “Aside from an established brand identity, they have a built-in audience who will, at least, be willing to try it. Getting them to buy the product repeatedly, though, will be the key. Only time will tell.”

That core consumer demographic, Stanford says, is largely made up of young males between their mid-30s and under, who hunt, fish and play video games. The brand has previously nailed hitting these demographics by launching certain affinity products, from Mtn Dew Game Fuel to camouflage soda cans.

Despite its historic release, Hard Mtn Dew’s rollout will be slower than what fans would like. These lulls are largely due to the laws surrounding alcohol distribution, which vary state-by-state and each require alcohol distributors to obtain certain federal permits and business licenses, according to Stanford.

“They’re also learning the business as they go,” he said. “Alcohol is a new territory for them, so they should take a slower, measured approach with its launch.”

Hard Mtn Dew’s commercials will run across streaming, digital and social media in states where it is currently sold, although the campaign is expected to expand as more states are announced.

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