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PepsiCo’s Soulboost wants to pay you $5k to quit your job


By Webb Wright, NY Reporter

May 4, 2022 | 3 min read

The PepsiCo-owned sparkling water brand is launching a new campaign to sponsor journeys aimed at boosting mental health during the ‘Great Reshuffle.’


Soulboost has launched its ‘Great Reshuffle Reset’ / Alison Brod Marketing + Communications

Has the pandemic left you feeling restless in your career, eager to escape your current professional trajectory to explore new opportunities? You aren’t alone. One recent survey, in fact, found that close to half (44%) of US employees are actively seeking a new role. Welcome to the ‘Great Reshuffle.’

Tapping into that nationwide phenomenon, and aiming to position itself as a company that prioritizes mental health, PepsiCo-owned sparkling water brand Soulboost has announced its ‘Great Reshuffle Reset,’ a new campaign that will reward five people with $5,000 to fund “journeys to their happy place to ease their minds and find solitude.”

The campaign kicks off today, during the first week of Mental Health Awareness Month.

“We know just about everyone’s mental health has taken a hit after the last two years,” Jenny Danzi, Soulboost’s senior director, said in a statement. “Now, with so many people looking for new opportunities both at work and beyond, we want to encourage those looking for new horizons during this ‘Great Reshuffle’ by helping to facilitate that personal discovery. We want everyone to feel empowered to feel their best self every day, and we think this chance for a reset is the best way to start that journey.”

The company says that the five winners will be able to use their $5,000 “however they deem fit for their personal journey.” To enter the sweepstakes – which will end on May 20 – fans will need to share “why they’re hoping to reconnect to the activities and places they love the most and need the financial support that will help transport and enlighten them.”

Soulboost describes itself as a brand focused on “delivering positive wellness to help support your mood and mind.” The brand’s products come in two varieties: Panax Ginseng-infused Lift (“for when you need a little mental pick-me-up”) and L-theanine-infused Ease (“for when your roll could use some slowing”).

The campaign launches at a time when a growing number of non-alcoholic beverage brands have been incorporating nootropics – such as L-theanine and ‘functional mushrooms’ such as lion’s mane – into their products in an effort to tap into the health and wellness market.

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Brand Purpose Work & Wellbeing Mental Health

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