Bigfoot lowers his carbon footprint in Veganuary cartoon

The story of Bigfoot might be an urban legend but the fight against climate chaos is very real, and this January plant-based nonprofit Veganuary is once again urging people to adopt an eco-friendlier approach to food.

In the short animated film, viewers meet the mythical Bigfoot, voiced by Succession star and Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell.

Upon feeling a little down in the dumps about his isolated surroundings and the doom and gloom of the world, Bigfoot soon realizes that we’re all in it together and he decides to implement some positive changes to his life: starting with participating in Veganuary.

As the ad progresses, we witness Bigfoot fill his supermarket trolley with an array of colorful fruit and veg, cook hearty meals by the fire and even become part of the Vegaunary online community.

The creative 60-second video was produced by Manchester's Kilogramme Animation Studio, with audio mastered by Nice Sound, and was broadcast in more than 500 cinemas from Boxing Day until New Year’s Day.

With its jolly background music, pastel-tones color palette and cartoonish animation style, the campaign appeals to the masses and highlights the big impact that small changes can make.

Last year around 580k people from all over the world signed up to take part in Veganuary with over 850 new products and menus launched during the month.

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