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Ad of the Day: Ajax and Adidas pay homage to Bob Marley with new kit launch

Ajax and Adidas pay homage to Bob Marley with new kit launch

Most football fans have a random song attributed to their team, like the England national team and Sweet Caroline or Liverpool FC’s You’ll Never Walk Alone. For AFC Ajax, its association with Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds hails back to a pre-season friendly in Cardiff when the song came on the sound system as they waited to leave, with the moment prompting away fans to embrace the pure and true melody as their anthem.

This is why the iconic song is the inspiration behind Ajax’s third kit. To commemorate the black kit, which features red, yellow, and green details and three birds below the collar, the team and its shirt sponsor Adidas have released a campaign called ’Don’t Worry About a Thing’.

The tribute to Marley, who was a big football fan, was created in collaboration with his family. The film sees a party, where Ajax fans chill and listen to Three Little Birds. Some are seen in the new kit as references to Marley and Rastafarian culture play out on screen. It was created by The Midnight Club.

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