By Jenni Baker, journalist

July 15, 2021 | 4 min read

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The pandemic brought a wave of seismic shifts in consumer behaviour at a time of accelerated change. Look at what happened when Disney+ launched on the dawn of the pandemic – 16 months later its subscriber base has grown to 100 million globally; a milestone that took Netflix a decade to achieve. From the world of entertainment to football, festivals and beyond, audiences have pivoted away from live events to 24/7 on-demand digital, spawning global demand for hyper-relevant, personalised experience.

Introducing an UNRVLD mindset to help brands scale the new world of opportunity

Introducing an UNRVLD mindset to help brands scale the new world of opportunity

This new human dependency on unrivalled digital-first products and services is only set to intensify at pace, as digital and human interactions become increasingly blended. Clients are adapting; so too must their agency partners. Enter UNRVLD - a new breed of digital agency that has pivoted in line with the new direction the world is moving in, to deliver end to end customer journeys with measurable impact.

Watch the video above to find out more about the UNRVLD future mindset of this new agency.

UNRVLD was born out of the successful merger of Kagool and Delete, digital agencies with a 45-year combined heritage and famous for their work with The Open, Barratt Homes, Biffa, Southampton FC, McCarthy Stone, Roquette and Welsh Water. Now, UNRVLD is cementing its position as a partner who itself is adapting to changing priorities during a time of accelerated change, evolving with clients’ future needs and their customers’ intensifying expectations. In doing so, it now has a clear and unified approach to help clients pivot to a customer-first model that delivers at pace and scale.

“The unique difference with UNRVLD is our ability to think, do and run for our clients, bringing three key service areas together: experience, technology and performance,” said Dan Berry, chief executive of UNRVLD. “We strongly believe there is space for a new breed of agency like UNRVLD to deliver agility, scale, quality and vision all together.”

“In a confusing world where external disruption is the norm, brands need an agency partner that can challenge them to be able to create unrivalled digital products and services for transformative business growth”, explains chief growth officer, Geoff Lentin.

“Businesses have spent years investing in platforms, technologies and processes which they need a strong agency partner to deliver value from,” he said. “Often, we find that they don’t have that right partnership or the skills internally to maximise the value of that technology stack. That partnership is really about understanding what they have, how we can optimise, change or challenge it. Then in bringing our best thinkers to create a one team mindset that can deliver on specific growth targets and KPIs.”

Following a successful period of integration, strategy and service alignment, UNRVLD’s managing director, experience, Tom Dougherty, believes that the rebrand gives the agency the ability to support businesses through larger change programmes and to influence them at the higher level.

“Historically, digital agencies have been more tactically focused - running campaigns, building websites and apps,” he said. “As the industry matures and technology changes, it’s imperative that every business has a real focus on digital. Our service line is really built around that to help maximise and support clients through change and get them to where they want to be [by having] that eye on the future.”

At UNRVLD’s core is a “combination of vision, flair and precision”, according to Berry. “At the heart of our success is our philosophy of wanting to solve, anticipate and improve together with our clients. Ultimately, what we do for our clients and customers is to turn that vision into performance and measurable results. Creating exceptional, pioneering digital experiences is an UNRVLD state of mind and one that will continue for many years to come.”

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