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Cadillac drives awareness with influencer marketing

BEN’s AI selected a list of creators whose audience and personality were the right fit for the Cadillac XT6 brand.

Cadillac’s brand new XT6 nameplate needed to break through the clutter in the ultra-competitive luxury crossover segment.

As it launched its new crossover model, the brand needed to reach discerning, sophisticated buyers who want their vehicle to make a bold statement while providing that audience with an in-depth look at the XT6 and its advanced features. BEN used its proprietary AI technology to filter and identify prominent influencers with verified and engaged audiences that matched the target Cadillac XT6 buyer. BEN’s algorithm provided an optimized list of creators based on predicted viewership performance and content that fit the brand’s image.

With their own unique perspective, these select influencers then brought the vehicle to life, creating custom content showcasing how the Cadillac XT6 fit seamlessly into every moment of their day. Creators from luxury real estate agent Ryan Serhant, who admired the XT6’s style while exploring the streets of Manhattan, to the Johnson family, who relished the vehicle’s thoughtful features as well as the fact that it could accommodate their growing family, each embodied Cadillac’s brand positioning from a different angle.

The result was a tailored campaign that successfully launched this new model and differentiated the XT6 from its fierce competition.

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