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Finecast delves into the future of TV advertising

As part of The Drum’s deep dive into the future of TV, The Drum journalist Jenni Baker and Finecast's managing partner Kristian Claxton will discuss the benefits of addressable TV, exploring data-fuelled opportunities and offering top tips for advertisers to unlock the benefits of addressable TV advertising.

Remember the days when watching TV was a family occasion; a chance to come together around the box in the living room and catch the weekly episode of your favourite show? While advertisers could measure success by viewing figures back then, they could never be entirely sure that during the three-minute ad break, viewers had not stepped away from the TV to put the kettle on. Neither could they be sure they reached the exact target audience.

Fast forward to 2021 and the medium of TV has evolved significantly; it withstood the test of time and is now the most effective way for advertisers to reach and build relationships with viewers. The difference today is that TV viewers are always switched on; they watch what they want, when they want and view content across multiple platforms and devices.

In this new fragmented TV landscape, with time-shifted audiences, advertisers are faced with new challenges in TV advertising to ensure they are reaching the right viewers with the right message, at the right time. And it’s through addressable TV - by marrying TV and data - that brands can open incredible new growth opportunities, which focus on relevance and impact. Watch this interview with Finecast’s Kristian Claxton to learn more about the future of TV advertising.