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Channel 4, i, The Guardian, Sky News: The Drum Online Media Awards 2020 winners revealed


By Dani Gibson, Senior Writer

May 13, 2020 | 5 min read

With the current Covid-19 situation meaning we won’t be hosting our usual celebration dinners to announce our winners, this year we’re sharing the exciting news of who won what at The Drum Online Media Awards 2020 via our digital channels. And Channel 4 News, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Pink News and the South China Morning News are among the big names to have won big.


The Guardian among winners of The Drum Online Media Awards 2020

The two biggest prizes, the Grand Prix and the Chair Award, go to the presenter and journalist Ayshah Tull of Channel 4 News (who is also the recipient of the Journalist of the Year award) and to i editor Oliver Duff respectively, while The Guardian takes the prize for Best Video Journalism.

Check out some of the amazing winners below:

Grand Prix/Journalist of the Year

Winner: Ayshah Tull, Channel 4 News

Gp oma 2020

Tull has become a digital first reporter who brings Channel 4 New's online audience stories across its platforms; breaking stories, challenging politicians and reporting from across the world for the documentary series Uncovered, while developing and writing the new native Instagram series Rated and writing YouTube explainers.

Jury’s comments: “Tull represents what the future of journalism in the UK should be: she engages a younger generation with the news; she finds and tells stories from communities that are often left out of the mainstream news narrative; and she does it all with utter professionalism. She also proves that we need much more diversity in our newsrooms if we are truly to tell the stories of the country beyond the headlines we have got used to in the past.“ Jane Barrett, global editor, media news strategy, Reuters

Chair Award

Winner: Oliver Duff, editor, i

oliver duff

David Tomchak, the digital editor-in-chief at the Evening Standard, chaired the jury this year. In the video below he outlines his reasons for choosing Oliver Duff for his Chair Award. "The brand itself is great, the content is great and without him it wouldn’t be what it is," explained Tomchak of his choice while speaking to The Drum's executive editor Stephen Lepitak in the interview below.

Best Video Journalism

Campaign: ’Anywhere But Westminster’

Winner: The Guardian

This was a ground-breaking collaboration between political journalist and commentator John Harris and filmmaker John Domokos.

The series explored the gap between politics as seen in mainstream coverage, and politics as felt on the street. When it began, the term ‘Brexit’ had yet to show its face, and mainstream politics was still seen as stable and predictable.

However, ’Anywhere But Westminster’ makers saw changes a foot and that politics was in dire need of a new kind of coverage.

Jury’s comments: “This is an excellent series that became especially relevant and important in 2019. It is extremely well produced and the host treats his subjects with empathy, bringing voices to people who wouldn‘t necessarily get the space to be heard.“

Breaking News Story of the Year

Work: London Bridge terror attack

Winner: Sky News

The broadcaster published its first story about the London Bridge terror attack less than 20 minutes after it took place. From there on, it used every storytelling tool available to it to tease out several strands.

Jury‘s comments: “This was a very thorough coverage of a major breaking story, as one would expect of Sky News. Barely a format untried. Deploying is always a risk, but the eyewitness reporting it got as a result was highly compelling.”

Podcast of the Year

Work: The Shrink Next Door

Winner: Bloomberg

shrink next door

This six-part podcast investigates a psychiatrist who, over the course of a 40-year career, used the power advantage of his position to manipulate his patients. The series was well received by its audience and topped Apple charts for more than three weeks.

Jury‘s comments: “This is a beautifully produced, compelling narrative podcast, full of surprises and genuine WTF moments.“

For a full rundown of all the winners, visit The Drum Online Media Awards website.

Partners of the awards are PA Media and the National Union of Journalists.

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