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Ads We Like: Green Party skewers politics as usual with faux shopping channel

Channeling the hard-sell world of shopping channels, the Green Party's recent campaign underscores its commitment to the truth, claiming it "delivers what it says it will and doesn't rely on spin."

Aptly named, 'Quick Win TV' is sold as the "go-to place for every politician in need of votes," belittling other political parties for telling fibs to win favour with voters.

Throughout the spot, the shopping channel hosts present various wares to help inauthentic politicians, including the 'Faux-sterity Edition Budget Briefcase' that is 'full of cutback' and 'NHS sale ready.'

Alongside the briefcase, Quick Win TV offers an NHS calculator that will always "calculate an impressive number of nurses you can pledge to inject into the NHS, regardless of reality."

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party and Green candidate for London Mayor features in the broadcast, calling for a rejection of lies and political ‘bluster’ in favour of hardworking, honest Green Party representatives.

This is the fourth time that the Green Party has worked with Creature, with previous works including The Not So Secret Life of 5-Year-Old Politicians, The Race to Number 10 and Change the Tune.

“Quick Win politics is what we’re seeing everywhere we look at the moment and everyone is just tired of it," head of communications for the party Gemma Walker. "The takeaway from this film is that the Green Party is where people can feel confident to put their trust and their votes if they want to see things that matter actually getting done in their communities. We deliver what we say we will and don’t rely on spin to get people to believe in us."

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