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Hinge opens merch store stocked with Hingie garbs and 'delete day' goods

The dating app Hinge has opened a merch store for newly entwined hearts to mark the day they deleted the app with Hingie memorabilia.

The dating app first introduced its fluffy, accident-prone mascot back in August. Until that point, Hinge had been low key on the number of campaigns it launched.

To act out its self-defeating tagline - 'Designed to be Deleted' - in 12 playful scenes, every time singles hit it off, Hingie meets its demise - from burning in a campfire to being attacked by pigeons.

The ad campaign proved to be a hit, increasing Hinge's monthly downloads by 47%, with an 18% increase in users deleting the app because they found love. And Hingie now has 153,000 Instagram followers on its account.

An extension 'Designed to be Deleted', The Hingie Shop offers customers to chance to either celebrate Hingie or destroy him.

Among the online goods, recent deleters or Hinge current users can buy a Hingie pinata, a Hingie bath bomb and a Hingie ring box.

The products also celebrate relationship milestones, where customers can buy a ‘Delete Date’ necklace with their delete day date on a 14-carat gold necklace with real diamonds. All for the price of $500.

There is also Hingie apparel. Fans can buy $120 Hingie branded Vans, a $25 Hingie hat and a $25 pocket tee.

“The Hingie Shop is a response to the overwhelming amount of love Hingie has received since his debut in August,” said Nathan Roth, chief marketing officer at Hinge. “With the success of ‘Designed to be Deleted’, we wanted to provide members with their own way to rep or destroy Hingie, and continue getting people off the app and onto real dates.”