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Thinkbox puts a modern twist on the ‘Tooth Fairy’ to tout TV's value

Thinkbox has demonstrated the power of TV advertising with ‘Tooth Fairy’, a fantastical depiction of how the medium can bring real-world success to even fictional characters.

Devised by creative agency Mother London the ad picks up the familiar fairytale but with a modern twist as the chimeric creature seeks to upscale her oral collections and deliveries business via the magic of TV advertising.

What follows is a tongue-in-cheek fantastical journey as the business takes off amid rampant demand as the Tooth Fairy fears she has bitten off more than she can chew, concluding with the tagline ‘TV advertising. The results are legendary.’

Andrew MacGillivray, Thinkbox’s marketing director, said: “This could have been a televised case study of one of the multitude of businesses that TV has transformed in real life. But we have plenty of rational case studies available on our website. Much better to use TV for what it is so incredibly good at: emotionally engaging storytelling at scale. Step forward the dynamic entrepreneur who is the Tooth Fairy.

“Mother London have done a brilliant job bringing to life how TV advertising drives her business to dizzy new heights with a warmth and humour that we hope people everywhere will enjoy. We also hope that many businesses out there might recognise themselves and their potential in the Tooth Fairy’s story.”

Mother was appointed as Thinkbox’s creative agency earlier this year to help the marketing body for TV advertising promote the medium.

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