Clean Ocean Foundation Australia wants to save oceans with Trump-like surf wax formula

Clean Ocean Foundation Australia has created a surf wax formula in a bid to reverses the damage climate change has caused to oceans.

The formula, created by McCann, has been formed into the faces of leaders who deny climate change like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro.

According to Clean Ocean, the formula contains a natural substance capable of neutralising the harmful acids found in the ocean. It has chosen surfers to administer the solution as the intention is to micro dose the ocean gradually over time to avoid throwing off its natural balance.

It believes that with over 35 million active surfers worldwide, the effectiveness of these microdoses will increase significantly and potentially convert 112 million litres of acidic seawater per day.

“We can no longer afford to sit by and watch our oceans turn to acid and marine environments turn into a wasteland,” said John Gemmill, the chief executive of Clean Ocean Foundation, who is also a chemical engineer and a health professional.

“SmartWax shows that we can all shape a better future for our ocean if we stick to it.”

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