FT calls for a ‘reset’ of capitalism in biggest brand push since 2008 financial crash

The FT has established itself as a campaigning voice dedicated to reforming capitalism with the launch of a new brand campaign – and the paper has scrapped its paywall for Thursday (18 September) only to mark the occasion.

The 'New Agenda' campaign marks the publisher's most significant brand message since the advent of the 2008 global financial crisis with the intent of positioning the FT on the frontline of debate on where our established corporate and economic model is headed.

Headlined as 'Capitalism: Time for a Reset' the discussion will centre on the pursuit of profit and how to promote a broader sense of corporate purpose.

Editor Lionel Barber explained: “The liberal capitalist model has delivered peace, prosperity and technological progress for the past 50 years, dramatically reducing poverty and raising living standards throughout the world.”

“But, in the decade since the global financial crisis, the model has come under strain, particularly the focus on maximising profits and shareholder value. These principles of good business are necessary but not sufficient. It’s time for a reset.”

The content-driven campaign was created by the Brooklyn Brothers and seeks to provoke readers with a series of articles delving into the ethics of investing, the downsides of big tech and the future of borderless corporations.

Accompanying this work global brand creative will span out of home, on digital, mobile and display with today’s edition of the FT introducing the message via a distinctive cover wrap.