Sky, Goodstuff, Talon Outdoor, Clear Channel, VCCP: Meet The Drum Out of Home Awards judges 2019

The Drum Out of Home Awards are here to recognise those who have been producing the most creative and effective out of home advertising work over the past year.

Out of home continues to be one of the most effective forms of advertising. It is undoubtedly the most visual of all mediums, offering instant stand out and kudos for brands and despite the increase of online opportunities, it has continued to deliver impressive results.

This year, the judging panel boasts experts from Talon Outdoor, Clear Channel, VCCP, Sky, Goodstuff, Beeswax and Bacardi.

The categories have also had a revamp, which we firmly believe reflect the industry as it stands today. These include: New Media Opportunity, Not for Profit, Best Use of Location, Innovation, Location, Use of Digital Technologies and Classic Posters and Banners.

The following is a breakdown on five of the judges:

Sophie Pemberton
Talon Outdoor
Sophie Pemberton
strategy lead
Pemberton's background in media has been predominantly agency side in communications planning at agencies such as MGOMD and MEC but after nearly seven years she decided that she wanted to specialise and thought that out of home was the most exciting place to explore. Pemberton has been at Talon Outdoor for four years, heading up the strategy and analytics team.
OOH is an exciting place to be right now. It’s the oldest advertising medium yet one which is currently undergoing a rapid evolution. In such a changeable landscape, it’s fascinating to witness the pace at which agencies and advertisers are able to keep up with the latest developments of digital and data activation yet consistently deliver new ideas for the more classic OOH infrastructure. These awards celebrate the bold and the brave and I’m looking forward to seeing what new boundaries have been pushed this year.
Martin Corke
Clear Channel
Martin Corke
chief marketing officer
Corke is chief marketing officer of Clear Channel UK. Over the past seven years he has held several sales leadership positions, ahead of stepping into oversee marketing a few years ago. Prior to joining Clear Channel UK, he worked in a number of different media channels, including national press, business press and consumer magazines.
I’m sure that my fellow judges agree, it’s always thoroughly rewarding to see a wide-ranging selection of great work from across our sector. Out of Home is growing, consumers are engaging and the work is becoming even smarter, more creative and effective. I’m looking forward to reviewing, debating and celebrating the best of the best.
Ross Neil
Ross Neil
deputy executive creative director
Neil is an executive creative director who came into advertising from the art world. Initially lured by the flame of handsome art direction and shiny moving image, he has now been distracted by all things ‘new’. Anything that approaches a problem in a new way, be that new tech or turning an old medium on its head to make something new. He still has hungry eyes, still paints and still loves a well-shot film.
I'm very happy to be on this panel, judging these awards. Out of home is still one of our true great mediums, and one that may be overlooked unless still nurtured and questioned. Its important that we keep this media current and keep reinventing it. Consumers are savvy to the languages of marketing, its up to us to keep challenging them. I'm looking for work that approaches this time honoured medium in a new way. I want to be surprised, and of course made to think that age old emotion that any great works instills; "I wish I had thought of that".
Dino Burbidge
Dino Burbidge
innovation coach
Burbidge has previously worked for tech start-ups as well as Disney, Pixar, BBC, Mind Candy and ad agency WCRS. HIs latest role is with Sky, helping create and run the Sky Innovation Lab. One of the first projects he was involved in with OOH was Women's Aid, Look at Me which went on to win Gold and Silver in Cannes. He is passionate about promoting the role of creativity in the OOH process as well as being over-enthusiastic and annoyingly questioning about almost everything else.
OOH has an extraordinary energy at the moment and it's showing no sign of slowing down. From big media giants investing to super-local campaigns that embrace OOH as a positive force in communities up and down the country. The Drum OOH Awards are one of the few that can recognise the full breadth of the OOH spectrum, from the national mega-campaigns to the people and teams that supply the passion and craft that elevate an also-ran to an award-winner. I'll be looking for mischief. It needs to be encouraged, cherished and should be driving our industry forward - not through vacuous PR fluff, but through smart thinking, rule bending, tradition poking, standing out and getting real results. I'll be the one on the panel with my bullshit detector turned up to max and a twinkle in my eye
Roy Shepherd
Roy Shepherd
head of out of home
Shepherd has worked in an out-of-home capacity since 2005, spanning both media sales and agency roles at Posterscope and Talon. He is well known for his out-of-home social commentary and describes himself as a passionate poster specialist.
The awards are a great opportunity to understand the standard of OOH inventiveness taking place in the industry. The breadth of categories, which we refreshed for 2019, will hopefully see submissions from advertisers who are new to the awards and work that pushes new boundaries of technology and corporate responsibility.

The deadline for The Drum Out of Home Awards has passed but you can still apply by contacting for an extension.