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The Chip Shop Awards salutes past shop window postcard winners

Shop window postcards winners

As the inaugural Chip Shop Awards US 2019 draws closer, The Drum is taking a look back at some of the top winners over the last several years in the UK.

Renowned for celebrating creativity without limits, the Chip Shop Awards feature the best creativity – no rules, no boundaries. They encourage thinking outside-the-box and are meant to encourage and invigorate creatives of all levels.

Here, The Drum highlights some of the most thought-provoking examples of shop window postcards that have won Chip Shop Awards, crediting the agencies and creatives at the helm of these fictional-yet-enjoyable and thought-provoking campaigns.

Blankedy Blank, Blanksy

By Stein IAS

When unseen artist Banksy shredded his ‘Girl with Balloon’ artwork after it sold for $1.3m at auction, the art world was aghast. But as with most things Banksy, it created serious buzz and inspired others to push the limits.

Stein IAS decided to have a bit of fun with the concept at this year’s awards, turning it into a shop window postcard, but one that mimics the Banksy prank. In a gold frame is a service that’s called Blanksy, with a call for graffiti removal services. The shredding appears to go halfway down the frame, and the shredded parts coming out of the bottom are tearaway phone numbers to call for the service. Even better, it’s placed on a graffiti-strewn wall.

Diversity Seminar, UCL

By Stack

While most shop window postcards seem to blend in with the others, this one from 2018 stood out for its blackness. While all the other cards are on white stock, this black one makes a statement.

Even better, it’s advertising a diversity seminar. Simple and effective.

Sex Workers Wanted, Unicef

by Tori Fannon

This cutting card from 2017 looks like a cheery child’s drawing but the message is chilling.

It states in crayon: “Sex Workers Wanted: no experience preffered (sic). Ages 4-11.

In smaller typeface is says: “Help children who don’t have a chance,” with the Unicef logo.

Made for the Outdoors, North Face

This card from 2011 takes itself quite literally.

While all the other shop window postcards are placed inside the store facing out, this individual is taped on the outside. The text states: “Made for the Outdoors” and features the North Face logo.

Don’t Suffer, Refuge

By Lauren Atkinson

This winner from 2016 utilizes Blu Tack to take the place of a black eye.

A drawing of a woman is seen, and the Blu Tack that sticks the card to the window is strategically placed over the woman’s left eye. The tag above the phone states: “Don’t suffer in silence.” Below that is the Refuge logo, which tells that it is for women and children against domestic violence.

The deadline for The Chip Shop Awards US is August 30 and will take place on September 24 in New York.

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