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Old Spice blows stuff up and shoves guys out windows to make sure men 'don’t lose their swagger’


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

July 23, 2019 | 3 min read

Old Spice is going to great cinematic lengths to make sure that guys don’t lose their swagger just because they become dads or start binge watching shows.

Old Spice Swagger

Old Spice 'Swagger' ads

‘Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger’ by Wieden+Kennedy Portland shines a humorous light on lonely guys with a series of over-the-top dramatized spots. The commericals, made with Old Spice’s usual quirky humor, show three guys being pushed out of their comfort zones and revived with Old Spice Swagger scents and deodorants.

‘Next Episode’ is an epic buddy action short.

In it, the actor Sarunas Jackson finds his buddy lounging at home, comfy in his sweats and robe getting ready to binge watch for the night. Jackson picks him up with some Swagger deodorant and carries him through the battlefield that is his apartment.

Appliances burst into flames and shoot food shrapnel at them before he jumps through a window, then rushes to a van where his friends await a night out.

In ‘Working Late,’ Shadowhunters' Alberto Rosende finds his friend working on a Friday night. With a cry of “this isn’t you!” he shoves the friend in the chair out the office window onto a zipline, which carries him to a rooftop patio where he starts playing the piano. It was also shot in Spanish, the first time Old Spice has done so.

In ‘New Dad’ a friend hovers above his sleeping friend from a hole in the window and tells him that 8pm is too early to be in bed, even for a new dad. He rescues the friend while the resting wife tells him to bring back potato skins.

Swagger study

“Guys are facing a crisis and it's not just when they forget to apply Old Spice to their armpits,” said Matthew Krehbiel, Old Spice associate brand director at Procter & Gamble. “As a brand, we're constantly talking to guys to help evolve our products and advertising creative.

"One insight that we've been hearing more and more is that men, of all ages, are deprioritizing time with their guy friends. Our ‘Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger’ campaign overly dramatizes the often silly reasons men sacrifice the 'guy time' that's keeping important friendships alive and celebrates Old Spice Swagger as the secret ingredient they need to conquer life together ... laughing along the way."

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