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ASA pulls the plug on misleading Dyson TV ad

ASA pull the plug on Dyson TV ad

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has shown that it is not a fan of Dyson’s latest TV advert, after banning its for suggesting that its air conditioner was cordless.

At issue was an advert for the Dyson pure Hot and Cool Fan which was depicted without a visible cord save for in one scene, prompting the ASA to declare that it gave viewers a misleading impression’ of the home gadget.

In all the fan was depicted in-situ in four separate shots but only in the final representation could a thin grey cord be seen surreptitiously snaking its way from the base and trailing across the floor toward a powerpoint out of sight in the background.

Disputing the ASA’s verdict Dyson has vowed to appeal, arguing that as the power cable was shown ‘distinguishable from the floor’ that there was no ‘reasonable prospect of the average consumer being misled.’

For its part, the ASA felt that as an integral component of the design the cord should have been depicted in all scenes of the fan.

Dyson has previously announced that it will relocate its headquarters to Singapore in pursuit of global growth.

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