US Creative Work of the Week: Harmless Harvest touts the transparency of its organic claims

For a week that was dominated by fast food posts, it was an organic product that The Drum’s readers voted the US Creative Work of the Week.

A new campaign from coconut water brand, Harmless Harvest, features a remastered version of Suspicious Minds by US singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten.

After recently being named agency of record for Harmless Harvest, Brooklyn-based agency, Madwell and the coconut water brand launched a debut campaign, 'Suspiciously Good'.

The 60-second spot follows a woman in an organic market covered with eyebrow-raising ads and filled with strange, trendy products making suspiciously bold claims, like probiotic seltzer that turns back the clock 20 years and CBD deli meat. At the end, she comes across a glowing pink cooler of Harmless Harvest, the only brand in the store that appears to be honest.

Madwell developed a campaign that was designed to show the honesty about Harmless Harvest’s strengths, flaws, and evolution – because they and the company decided that genuine transparency is refreshing. The campaign was inspired by consumer interactions with the brand, including a wave of reviews and missives on social media platforms and Amazon, questioning how it could be so good.

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