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Ikea creates Soffa Sans - 'the world's comfiest font'

The world's comfiest font

Ikea has created a new font inspired by the customers who have expressed their creativity when using the furniture brand's sofa-building tool.

Called Soffa Sans, and available for anyone to use, the font has been inspired by hundreds of people who have been having fun designing combinations of their dreams – or recreating iconic game scenes using the sofa pieces on the planning tool, and sharing their designs on social media.

Each letter of the font is formed of pieces of sofa and created using the home furnishing innovator’s Vallentuna sofa planning tool.

Marcos Tejedor, living rooms sales leader for Ikea UK and Ireland said: “We’ve been really enjoying seeing the fun that people are having with our sofas, and the innovative solutions they are creating. Inspired by their creativity, we’ve launched Soffa Sans: the world’s comfiest font. Its modular form and relaxed letter-spacing makes it one of the most versatile fonts out there and we’re looking forward to seeing where it’s used.”

The Soffa Sans font has been made in partnership with Proximity London, and features 1434 products. It would cost £106,320 if made in real-life and includes the Vallentuna Hillared dark grey cushion as the most frequently used product.

Those who want to download the font or make their own sofa combinations can visit the Ikea website.

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